Apr 30 2014

Alternative ways to get fit

With various gyms opening around the North East over the last year, including Pure Gym and Exercise for Less, now is the perfect time to get fit for the summer.

According to Club Manager, since 2013 there has been a nine per cent increase in new members joining gyms within the UK, showing that 49 per cent of us now attend a gym.

For the 51 per cent out there who don’t attend a gym and live within the North East, don’t fret as there are plenty of alternative ways you can get fit and healthy.

1. Bootcamp


If you find it hard to stick to a strict schedule or conjure up motivation to get yourself moving, consider a boot camp. When the term boot camp is mentioned, many of you are quick to think of the stereotypical fitness camp, filled with basic accommodation and fitness instructors who have scary arms.

Examples such as Northern Bootcamp couldn’t be further away from this image — in fact, they even state they are non-military. Northern Bootcamp has a wide selection of boot camps from one to 14 days, as well as even hosting bridal boot camps that help brides and her bridesmaids get into shape before the big day.

Situated in Northumberland, you’ll have the choice of cottages which will be your home for the duration of your stay. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, these types of accommodation are very popular and double up as holiday cottages for people who want a short break with friends or family.

You can check out other people’s success stories on their website, which will give you a better insight to the results that people have gained from this experience and more understanding about whether this style of fitness is for you.

2. Smartphone Apps

The majority of people have smartphones these days, so with this in mind there are now loads of free apps available to download which are specific to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Approved by Cleveland Clinic, Wellness Tip of the Day gives you easy-to-follow tips that promote a healthy lifestyle. Each section gives detailed information on food, body and mind, which will help you achieve your fitness goals. This app is available to download on iTunes now.

If you’re looking for something to get your heart pumping and sweat flowing, then Fitness Builder is another free app available for download on iTunes. This alternative way of getting fit gives you various different workouts in cardio, flexibility, weight loss and bodybuilding, all of which you can do in the comfort of your own home.


On the other hand, if you’re tight for space and want to get out in the great outdoors, simply plug-in some earphones and go out for a walk, jog or sprint in the many parks within the North East, such as Herrington Park in Sunderland.

 If you know any other ways, please post them below…


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