Jan 30 2012

Druridge Bay

As i have pointed out in the past the coast was my weekend trip out when living in the sleepy Tyne valley. With dog in tow we used to tootle up the A1 to Embleton. As a child i never really understood the funny looks from blokes in pringle knitware pulling golf trollies as we crossed the footpath to the dunes. In later life, as a golfer i understand the looks, they range from ‘i’ve just had a snowman’ to ‘birdie time’. all of which can lead to funny looks to passers by with dogs etc.

My recent trip was to stretch my legs after a mini pre-Christmas break. Of late we have gone out from the club house through the rough and dunes then heading right towards the castle and some amazing rock formations. This time for a bit of variation we headed up towards Low Newton.

The journey took us away from the rocky outcrops of the castle to the sandy peninsular with some very traditional looking beach huts. not I have to say these beach huts were impressive! some had 2 floors and portholes! being honest the only traditional huts i have seen were in the posh bit of East Anglia at Southwold (Adnam’s country for you ale drinkers) but they were all silly colours. The ones in Northumberland were obviously a little more classy;-) They lined the dunes looking out over the bay. now in the middle of winter I’m not saying that they were the most appealing of holiday destinations but I’m sure in the hight of summer they would be amazing!

While walking along we were going in parallel with a herd of Sanderling (not sure of the collective noun) going along the water line on the hunt for food. I did attempt to photograph said little birds but every time I did a loloping Labrador got in the way! so I had to make do with staring from afar.

As we reached the end of the bay and turned towards civilisation of Low Newton it was clear that there were LOTS of little birds fighting over the invertebrates living on the seaweed under the rocks of the village. With Oystercatchers and turnstones a plenty it was like watching a brown carpet move all on its own.

If it hadn’t been so windy I could have watched the movements for hours but you know how it goes on those short winters days the warm car was calling. Looping back over past the hungry Oystercatchers and geese we passed the backs of the huts and the edge of the golf course.  Even thought it was only an hour or so’s walk it was fun and we saw a good range of different species.

On the whole its a brilliant walk and worth the crazy road down to the golf course…its one car only even the passing places involve the closing of eyes and hope!

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  1. Callum Miller

    Went here two yrs ago for holiday, going back this year, beautiful area!

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