Feb 04 2012

Your Favourite Place In The North East?

Just a question for everyone

What is your favourite place in the North East and Why??

Mine has to be Corbridge as it has some interesting historical sites with great shopping facilities. The village was founded on its present site in Saxon times and Roman stones were used to construct many of the village buildings, including the church. Today the streets, which remain much as they did in mediaeval times, house a range of innovative and interesting shops, pubs and coffee shops. A wander along Front Street will take you down to the river bank, where you can enjoy the attractive views from the 17th century bridge – the only one on the Tyne to withstand the floods of 1771.

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  1. Callum Miller

    I love Yarm, cos it has a few nice shops, decent coffee and a nice walk down the river with kids.

  2. Clare Finney

    John, I have to agree with you! There’s nothing better than spending a day in Corbridge, whatever the weather!

  3. Kevin Almond

    My favourite place is Morpeth. Still has its small town identity and feel, is close enough to Newcastle for shops, work, entertainment, etc, but once you are in and around the Town you are into the open spaces of Northumberland. I’m biased because I live there but we have managed to recover from the floods and fight off heavy commercialisation from the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury.

  4. Ian Griffiths

    I love South Shields. Not been to many places outside of Hartlepool since moving here 18 months ago, but been there a few times and it has a really good feel about the place.

  5. Nick Tynan

    Bamburgh beach on a bright windy spring or summer’s day when the tide is out. It’s a great place for a game of beach cricket where the boundaries are huge lumps of seaweed and the sea!! The walkers on the beach act as fielders, throwing the ball back when my boy has wacked it downwind and I’ve got no chance of chasing it down!
    Once the game is over and I’ve lost AGAIN it’s off to the boozer for a pint or two.

    The North East of england has to have some of the best unspoilt beaches around not a vast amount of people swarming around them

  6. Katherine Brodie

    Well the obvious answer is the temple that is St James’ Park, but if I can’t have that how about Spittal just South of Berwick. My family has a holiday home right on the promenade and there’s nothing better than watching the sea through the floor to ceiling window. The sound of the sea when dropping off to sleep is so relaxing, the fresh air is great and my six year old boy would spend the entire day on the beach if we’d let him. It has Berwick nearby with it’s wonderfully random architecture and Alnwick with it’s Castle and Gardens is only just down the road. Can’t wait for our next stay in a few weeks!

  7. HelenInthedetail

    I struggle to narrow it down too much because there’s the stretch of coast between Craster and Bamburgh in Northumberland that I just absolutely love. I spent the majority of my childhood holidays playing on the various beaches and exploring the nooks and crannies around there and it brings back such amazing memories for me. Every time I go back there I feel as if I’m coming home. Love it.

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